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asker You're beautiful<3

Wow. Thank you   I needed it

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asker :( i miss reading & this is the only thing i've been reading! Where are the stories?

Im really sorry, like truly. my mom grounder my from my laptop for like 2 weeks and I just got it back! D: But im starting again! :D

asker When will you post the next one? feels like its been forever! :/

it has been forever. my mom took my laptop away when I got a c- on my math test and I just got it back 

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asker Are you and neverletyougostoriess are the same person?

No :) 

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asker are you still writing?

yeah just things have been crazy around my house so I haven’t been able to write. but don’t worry more are coming.  

Chapter 23

Selena’s P.o.v

"Bring mommy here purse" I told Amber who was running around the couch. Over the past few day’s she has gotten the hang of running and she was every where. 

"Mommy" she cried out pushing my purse to me. I picked her up and sat her down next to my while I dug for my phone at the bottom of my purse. "Ring!" Amber shouted pulling at my hand. Ever since Justin proposed she has been infatuated with the ring.

"Hey’s girls" Justin, Alfredo, and Kenny said walking in. Kenny lifted Zach off the ground and tossed him in the air.

"Where’s Scooter?" I asked looking around expecting to see him also.

"Carin called him and said it was an emergency, he rushed home" Alfredo pointed out. I just nodded and went back to Amber. 

"Daddy" I heard Zach call out for Justin, the second he wasn’t handed to Justin he started throwing a temper tantrum.

"Please just take him Justin" I said rolling my eyes. He took him from Kenny and sat down on the couch next to me.

"Is everything alright?" he asked sliding his hand down my leg. I nodded my head yes and started to brush Amber’s hair. "You sure?" he asked again.

"Yes Justin, I’m fine" I turned to him. He stood up and walked with the boy’s into the kitchen. The past few day’s I have been really moody and I don’t know why, my stomach had been acting up and I have also been getting killer head aches. If I didn’t know any better I would think I was pregnant again but Justin and I have been using a condom and I was on birth control so I knew that couldn’t be it. 

"Sel call Carin" Justin yelled out to me. I didn’t answer him but I called her. 

"Hello" she answere

"Hey what-"

"I’m pregnant!" She shouted.

"What! Oh my god Carin that’s amazing" I said excited. 

"I know can you believe it! 6 months and it’s finally paid off!" She laughed

"I’m so happy for you guys, when did you find out?" 

"Just this morning, I was late and then took a test and it was positive" 

"This is so excited, did you hear that Amber. Care’s gonna have a baby" I said to Amber but she didn’t pay attention.

"Can I asked you something Sel?" she said calming her voice


"Ok, can you go with me and Scooter to our first appointment?" 

"Are you kidding, of course I would" I said feeling honored that she would asked me.

"Thank you so much, I’ll call you later love you girl, give Amber and kiss for me." she said hanging up.

"Justin! Guys come here!" I yelled. They all ran over to me and asking what was wrong.

"Nothing! Nothing, Carin’s pregnant!" I shouted.

"What? Are you serious, that’s great when did you find out!" they all started asking me. 

"Just now, that’s probably why Scooter had to go. She found out this morning" I explained.

"Scooter’s gonna be a dad, Wow." Fredo laughed.

"It’s amazing isn’t it. Zach and Amber are gonna have a little friend!" I said holding Amber up tickling her stomach. We all started talking about it until Alfredo and Kenny had to go.

"Bye little man!" Alfedo laughing throwing Zach in the air and then catching him, "Bye sel" he said leaning down giving me a hug. I smiled and waved and Justin grabbed Zach plopping down on the couch next to me and Amber who was quickly falling asleep in my arms. 

"I love you baby" Justin said sweetly giving me a gentle kiss

"I love you to" I kissed him back, "How crazy is this, Carin’s pregnant" I said again.

"Pretty crazy" he laughed sliding his arm around my shoulders.  

The next day- at the studio

"Carin!" I shouted pulling her into a hug sitting Amber down. 

"Watch the baby" she said giddy, "Wait a second" she said grabbing my hand, "Ok just had to stared into the crystal ball" she joked about my ring.

"Whatever" I laughed pulling her onto the couch and lifting Amber back in my lap while Justin held Zach on his shoulders talking to Scooter.

"I can’t even tell you how excited I am, this is so amazing" she said rubbing her stomach. 

"Scooter, come here" I said holding my arms out for a hug. He lifted me off the couch and spun me around in a hug, "I’m so happy for you guys" I laughed gathering my balance.

"Thanks we actually need to talk to you guy’s for a second" He said in a more serious voice. Justin and I sat the twin’s down and they started playing with their blocks. 

"We have something really serious we want to ask you guys" He said grabbing Carin’s hand.

"We would be honored if you two would be the god parents." Carin smiled.

"What? Oh my god, yes of course!" I jumped up pulling her into a hug.

"What do you think Justin?" Scooter asked.

"Man it would be honor" he said pulling him to a hug then Carin. 

"Yeaa, Mommy and daddy are gonna be god parents!" I laughed lifting Zach off the ground. He didn’t know what I was saying but he started clapping his hands together and laughing. 

"How crazy is this you guys this past year has been amazing, the twins, us getting engaged, you guys getting pregnant, everything." Justin said pulling my closer, I looked up and pulled him into a kiss. 


sorry this one is so short, the next one will be longer <3 

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asker :(

Don’t be sad Anon. It will be up tonight <3 

Chapter 22

Once I got the box in my grasp I looked at Selena’s confused expression on her face. 

"Ok" I sighed, "Selena, I love you more than anything in the world-" I pulled the box out and Selena looked like she was gonna faint. I grabbed her hand to keep her steady and continued "-we have two gorgeous babies together, we have been together for almost 3 years now, and have been through so much together I don’t want to share these memories with anyone but you-" I opened the box and leaned down on one knee. Selena’s eye’s filled with tears and she started shaking, she blinked one time and a few tears fell from her eye’s but she quickly wiped them away. "-I know we’re young but I know how I feel, will you marry me" I said quietly. We were both shaking and she looked at me then at the ring a few times then pulled me back up on two feet. My heart sunk into my stomach and I could just feel the tears building up in my eyes.

"Justin, I love you so much. So much-" she said taking my face in her hands with tears flowing down her checks, and as hard as I tried to keep my tears in I couldn’t. It felt like someone was ribbing my heart out of my chest, "-and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." she started smiling nodding her head. 

"Wait so-"

"Yes Justin I will marry you!" she said gaining a huge smile on her face and starting to jump up and down as I pulled the ring out of the box. 

"Wait look" I said showing her the engraved writing.

"My First, My Only" she whispered reading it. She started to crying again and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me into a deep passionate kiss.

"I love you" I whispered leaning our heads together

"I love you so much" she said shaking. She held out her hand and looked at the ring, "It’s gorgeous did you pick it out?" 

"Me and Ashley" I confessed.

"What!" she laughed pulling me into another kiss. When we left Selena didn’t take her eye’s off the ring, she kept admiring it and when we got in the car she immediately called Ashley.

Selena’s P.o.v

I was still shaking from what just happened, I couldn’t believe Justin and I were engaged. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but I didn’t think we would finalize it so soon but I was so excited. I love Justin more than anything, and this night was amazing. Shaking I called Ashley.

"Hey" she answered her phone.

"We’re engaged!" I squeaked over the phone, I looked over at Justin driving and he had a huge smile on his face.

"Selena! I’m so happy for you, what did you think about the ring?" she laughed.

"Amazing, I love it" I said looking down at it again. How it sparkled under the car lights.

"I’m so happy for you guys, how did he do it?" she asked curious.

"I’ll tell you later" I laughed, "Call you soon"

"Kay girl, I love you guys" she said laughing.

"You to" I said before hanging up. "Justin" I said looking over at him.

"What?" He asked smiling. I leaned over the arm rest bring him into a kiss. He tired to keep him eye’s on the road. "Can we finish this later? I don’t want to kill you on our engagement night"  he laughed. I laughed with him and sat back down admiring the ring. 

"So I was thinking that tomorrow, at the show with you and the twins we could let everyone know" Justin said looking at the road.

"Shouldn’t we let everyone know first?" 

"Well not everyone or it will get out before tomorrow night, but I don’t want to hid this like we did the pregnancy" Justin made clear

"Tomorrow’s fine" I smiled leaning over to kiss his check. 

When we got home we hurried upstairs and inside.

"Mama" Zach said sitting by the door when I opened it. 

"Hey baby" I lean down to pick him up. We walked in and Scooter was on the couch and Carin was in the kitchen with Amber I quickly walked over to her and held my hand out.

"No!" She smiled grabbing my hand looking the ring over. I shook my head with a big smile.

"Congrats!" She said pulling me in a hug, I heard Justin telling Scooter the good news in the living room. I sat Zach down and kissed Amber’s puffy check’s, Zach crawled in the living room and I picked Amber up and walked in there to Justin and Scooter with Carin behind me. 

"Let me see let me see!" Scooter jumped up and squealed acting like a girl, him and Justin started laughing and Carin and I rolled our eye’s as I held my hand out. 

"Good pick bro" Scooter nudged Justin in the side. We all sat down and watched the babies and talked for a little bit before they had to leave. They congratulated us again and then left. Justin and I took Amber and Zach upstairs and laid them down in bed, the entire time I couldn’t stop smiling and looking over at Justin. I leaned down and kissed Amber’s forehead then doing the same to Zach before Justin and I walked down the hall to our room. I slid out of my dress and into a pair of loose sweats and then laid down.

"Good night my soon to be wife" Justin laughed giving me a kiss. I held onto his shoulders,

"Good night my soon to be husband" I said continuing the kiss. 

The next day -afternoon

"Amber stop" I said lifting her higher on my hip, Zach was sitting next to Justin’s feet as he finished his sound check and Amber and I watched from him from the back. 

"Ring!" Amber whined pulling at my hand trying to get a hold of my ring. 

"Amber please stop" I walked over to the diaper bag and pulled out one of her pacifiers and stuck it in her mouth, she finally stopped whining and leaned her head on my shoulder falling asleep as we watched Justin finish up the last song. When he finished he lifted Zach on his shoulders and walked over to us. 

"Shh" I said pointing to Amber asleep in my arms. He nodded his head and gave me a kiss, we walked back to his dressing room and I laid Amber down in the crib we brought. 

"Justin, we need you to come to wardrobe" Nancy, Justin’s stylist whispered walking in, "Selena" she smiled surprised to see me pulling me into a hug, "It’s been so long, you need to come with Justin more often!" she laughed.

"I will" I agreed. Justin handed Zach over to me and walked out, "Hungry?" I asked Zach. He nodded his head and I pulled a jar of baby food out of the bag and started to feed him. A few more hours past as people started to arive, things back stage started to get really hectic so I kept the twins in Justin’s dressing room. You could hear the fans screaming with excitement and different people singing to Justin’s songs. 

"Hey my girl" Carin said walking in.

"Hey" I whispered trying not to wake Zach and Amber. She sat down next to me and looked over at the twins and smiled.

"Are you nervous about tonight?" she asked me. I nodded my head yes and laughed looking down at the ring, "you don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to, you know that" she said assuring me.

"No I want to, I’m just nervous." I said before someone interrupted us saying that Justin was about to start. The twins woke up and Carin grabbed Amber and I grabbed Zach and we walked to the stage to watch Justin. He went through a few songs and we doing perfect. Amber and Zach stood on the floor next to Carin and Me and danced and tried to sing along. Carin and I looked away for one second and Amber and Zach took off on stage, I started to freak out. I got so nervous until Justin picked them both up in his arms and stopped the song. 

"Let me introduce you guys to the two most important people in my life, this is Amber Rose . Say Hi Amber" he said putting the mic in her face, she looked in the crowd and shoved her face in Justin’s arm hiding. "And this is Zachery Drew, Will you say hi?" 

"Hi!" Zach shouted in the mic, everyone laughed and Zach clapped his hands together.

"I would like to take a moment and make a very important announcement, but I need someone else on this stage to help me with that" Justin said turning and looking at me. I slowly walked over to him and grabbed Amber from him. "Selena and I would like to let you all be the first to know, that were engaged." he blurted out. You could hear everyone gasp, a few girls started to cry but then everyone started cheering. Justin gave me a kiss and I grabbed Zach from him and walked backstage to Carin. 

"It’s official, we’re engaged" laughed sitting Zach down. 

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asker Post noooww please?(:

Soon! <3 

asker i think, she will say yes! I really hope she does lolll. & when are you continuing it? ♥ ♥ ♥

Tonight! Lol!